Do you still have a motorbike that you donft use anymore?

Motorbikes that donft workAs you may have seen on TV commercials, etc. recently, there are a surprising number of old motorbikes left unused. This is a great waste. Motorbikes are not cheap. If you go about selling your motorbike in the right way, it can lead to a surprising windfall. Throwing your motorbike away just because you don’t use it anymore is a great waste! The bike you have left unused in your garden is still a valuable asset!
Motorbikes that don’t work
Motorbikes left unused
Broken down motorbikes
Motorbikes that have been in an accident

Please compare our prices with other stores that buy motorbikes!

Please compare our prices with other stores that buy motorbikes!We are advertised on goo bike and in li bike magazine.
As we normally go to auctions and buy the bikes that large motorbike-buying companies have bought, we are sure that by buying directly from you, we can add the profit taken by the auction and their fees onto the price we pay you.
If you tell us about the mileage and any damage or rust, etc., we will answer you by telephone or email.
We hope that you will ask us for a quote if you have a motorbike to sell. We have free value assessing, and are waiting to hear from you.
As we do all the troublesome paperwork to change the registered owner, etc., for you free of charge, it is so easy!

  • We visit your home

    We visit your home! We pay higher prices than the large companies and please our customers!
    Of course, the value assessing is free!

  • Easy online application form

    As you can apply online, it is easy! We will reply with a rough quote!
    We will give you a price that you are happy with.

  • If you are interested........

    please ask!How much would you buy my motorbike for? If you are interested, please ask anything you want! By email form or telephone.

  • We welcome enquiries

    by telephone!! We welcome applications and enquires by telephone. Don’t hesitate to ask even simple questions.

  • Areas we visit

    At present, we visit people in the Chugoku Region, Shikoku Region, Hyogo Prefecture, and a part of Kyushu. We plan to steadily increase our areas.

  • Motorbikes that don’t work or have been in an accident are OK

    We also buy motorbikes that don’t work or have been in an accident.
    We do the paperwork to change the to change the registered owner for you free of charge!
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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